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Something I deleted

Ok,so,this is one of the things I deleted on the forum.It’s not the whole thing,but it’s most of it.It’s Fulu’s instructions for newbies.Idk why I have it,but…I hope this helped.



1) Introduction

2) Terms

Tips And Tricks

3) How to add a hit.

4) How to blow a tank.

5) How to play the mini mission

6) How to be harder to spot for enemies (on map)

7) How to drive faster with motorbike

8) How to contact an admin In Game

9) How to take over a turf

10) What is an Help Operator ?

11) How to upload a picture

12) How to make a ScreenShot

13) How to find IP adress

14) How to hack

15) How to add Youtube videos in forum

16) How to create a hotlink

17) How to create a code

18) How to fill a format

19) How to mod GTA

20) How to change your nick name

21) How to find a player ID

22) How to add a server in favorite list

23) How to join a clan



Many people do not understand a few terms suck as TK. Some of you have been punished for such things as TK. I am now going to try to make you understand what these words mean. There are not many, but some words is good to know when you meet these words In-Game.


TK - Team kill. Team killing is when you kill a player on your team. This is against the rules.

SK - Spawn Kill. Spawn killing is when you kill a enemy at their spawn point. That is against the rules.

TP - Teleport. Teleport is a admin command. Only and hackers use this. As you know, hack is strict against the rules.

HH - Healt Hack. Health hack is not allowed. Health Hack means that you are “spawning” your health.

AB - Airbreak. Airbreak is very often a hacker behind. Airbreak is when you are flying around. Administrators very often use this, but it is absoloutly not allowed for regular players.

SH - Speed Hack. Speed hacking is also a hack. Mostly used by hackers ( of course). When you are using this, you are driving / running very fast. This is also strict against the rules.

WH - Weapon Hack. Weapon hack is simply a weapon spawner. This hack is not used by administrators because they have a server command which is /givegun. This type of hack is also against the rules.

TJ - Team Jack. That means that you run to a car ( example), you can see someone on your team already driving it, and you press “enter” to steal the car. This is also against the rules.

CK - Carkill. Carkill and heli kill is allowed. Car kill is when you run over a player several times til the player is dead. If you want to do a heli kill, use the rotorblades to cut the other players in half. ( if you have mods xD ). Using this two type of kills is surely not allowed on your own players.

vHH - Vehicle Health Hack. Used by hackers and admins. It is a hack thats fix your vehicle. This “hack” is also scripted to admin commands. Not allowed to get used by anyone except administrators. Also, this type of hack is not allowed.

Spam - Spam. Spam is when you saying things over and over several times non-stop. This is not allowed in forums or In-Game.

Please note that I will add more of these words. If you know some words I have forgotten, please post it below. And my best advice for you is to never start hacking. You just get banned, and nothing left to say. Hack is boring and you just fuck up your own gaming experiances and fun.

Tips and Tricks


How to add a hit

Just press and hold TAB. Find the player you want to get killed. Double click on the players name. Then, press OK. And all you have to do now, is to type the ammount of the hit. Press OK, and you can now see him in /hitlist. NOTE; you can add hits on your own team, but you can’t kill hitlisted players on your team.


How to blow a tank

When you got one shot bazooka and a tank coming towards you, shoot the front of the tank. The front of the tank is the weak spot.


How to play the Mini-Mission

When you go to any enemy’s base there is a car, unique, it has that team’s colors, steal it and bring it back to your base, without being destroyed, to gain 5 score and your team +2 score. Your team has one of this cars too. It’s called Prototype Vehicle, protect it to avoid losing score. All this Prototype Vehicles are marked with a yellow dot on map.


How to be harder to spot for enemies (on map)

When you move you are easier to see, also your marker on the enemy’s radar, moves and movement is easier to detect then a still dot. So when you want to snipe or to kill someone without him seeing you try to go in a place hard to be spotted and stand still so he won’t see you on map either.


How to drive faster with a motorbike

When driving any kind of motorbike, spam the front arrow key.


How to contact an admin In Game

Use the command /admins. A list of all admins online will appear. There you are able to see their nicknames, ID and admin level.


How to take over a turf

Want to make some cash and score ? Well, I guess you do. To take over a turf, I suggest you get following; Sanchez ( motorbike), guns and you are ready to go. A good advice is to not choose helicopters and tanks, because you need to be on foot to take over a turf. Anyhow, use any vehicle to get to a turf. To find a turf, take a look at your minimap ( radar ). When you’ve found a turf you want to capture, drive into it, kill all enemies. On the minimap, you can now see a red dot. They are easy to see, though. Walk towards it and stay there for 30 seconds. If there isn’t any red dots, it means your team already have captured it. After you’ve been standing there for 30 seconds, you will recieve 5000$, 5 score and armour. The zone is now captured be you. If team mates came to the turf before you, there will be no point of standing there next to him, because the first player who gets there, gets the reward. And you won’t get anything except 1 score. If your team looses a turf, you will loose one score.


What is an Help Operator ?

A Help Operator is actually a helper with limited commands. You can not find out who the online helpers are, but you can always type /operators to find out how many operators are online. Help Operators are able to kick rulebreaker, so when there is no admins online, there will always be an eye on you. No need to break rules, also.


How to upload a picture

I’ve noticed people who doesn’t know how to upload a picture. Now, I will tell you how. If you have saved a image, visit TinyPic ( I recommend that website for easy uploading. Find the picture on your computer by clicking on “Upload ” ( or something. I have norwegian language, so…). Find the picture on your computer, and click the big green button; Upload now !”. There will appear four type of links. The on on the top is for HTML. The next second one is when you want to add a picture directly on a website, for example a signature. The third one is the URL link. The last one is the direct link. Just copy and paste them !


How to make a ScreenShot

ScreenShot is like a picture of your screen. For taking a ScreenShot In Game, press F8. Many people have problems with finding them in the SA user files, but no worries. You can use “prt sc” button on your keyboard. Some people have to use “fn + prt sc”. If you use the second method, you will have to paste it in paint. ( ctrl + v ). Save the image and use ” How to upload a picture ” method.


How to find IP adress

If you got banned, and need your IP adress to get unbanned, I suggest you to visit this site. ( Copy and paste the number adress in blue colour.


How to hack

I suggest you leave this server. Also, hacking is just boring, immature and silly way to get banned. If you dont want to listen to me, visit this site. Enough said here.


How to add Youtube videos in forum

Let’s say you want to post in “Post your favorite music “, enter Youtube. Enter your favorite song. Copy the URL link. Back in forum, make this;


[youtube](paste URL link here)[/youtube]

. Here is an example:



How to create a hotlink

Hotlinks a very good tool. A hotlink is replacing a URL with text. Here is a example; Test. By clicking on the “test” you get directly to google. I guess you want to know how. This will clean your topics / posts. You will have to make



When that is made, you must place ” = ” behind the l and infront of ” ] “. Like this;



. Behind the ” = “, you just put the link. In this example, I use google. So, behind the ” = “, you just place google URL link. Behind the ” ] “, you can put the text you want to connect to google. Here is a code for it.



This will now appear; test. Note: To make the code automaticle, just click ” URL ” button when you are entering a message. Enjoy !


How to create a code

A code bar is used to show text codes without using them. Yes, most of you know how, but some of you doesn’t. Let’s show you a example:



To make this, use this code;




How to fill out a format

If you are going to join Famed group of the server, you will have to fll out a aplication form. Mark the text in the grey box, press ” ctrl ” + “C”. You are now copying the text you marked with blue colour. Then, you go back, and make a new topic. To make a new topic, just simpy click ” Make a topic”. Press “ctrl” + “V” to paste the text you copied at the box. When you have done this, you just have to fill out the question from the application format. Simple and easy.


How to mod GTA

Want new modded cars like a Ferrari, or maybe new skins ? One good mod installer is SAMI ( San Andreas Mod Installer ). Click and download. When you have installed SAMI, you can download mods from GTA inside. Choose a mod, and save it in desktop. Use SAMI, and find the mod you have downloaded. Click download and just follow the little tutorial which is self-explaining. You will have to use Win RAR, also zip. Good luck.


How to change your nick name

If you feel for a free nick name In-Game or forum, take a good look Here. Remember to fill in the format


How to find an player ID

When you are In-Game ( will continue )


How to add a server in favorite list

Open your SAMP. Next to the green “play” button, there is a orange


How to join a clan

Currently, the server got two clans. Desert Combat Rebelz and Superior Ground Team. If you want to join Desert Combat Rebelz, click Here. Read the topics carefully. You will find a application form. Copy the application format, paste it in new topic and fill out. You can now post it.

If you want to join Superior Ground Team, click Here. Read all topics there to find out how to get accepted. Please not that in SGT ( Superior Ground Team) are limited with player spots.

Important discovery

Today,whilst digging trough my San Andreas folder I found something pretty awesome, my SA-MP “Black Box”. It recorded everything that everyone wrote on the day that I was banned :

[28-02-2010 || 10:11:10.137] [3][COD5]IAZZMS[DC]:im a free lancer
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:15.247] [9][COD5]Randyy: why do we have to use /g ?
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:16.387] [16]KingOfRandom:shit
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:25.215] [29]Epic_Ninja.: LOL… good shot
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:28.559] *Anti-Spawn Kill over.
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:30.528] [5][COD5]hoochie: fail
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:30.794] [3][COD5]IAZZMS[DC]:lol wtf
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:34.106] [24][COD5]KingKaos: cuz its like the old server
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:42.481] [9][COD5]Randyy: no it’s not
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:50.325] [5][COD5]hoochie: cuz most people dont use teamchat when they need to
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:53.200] [RADIO][26]bogdi232: polic you idiot
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:54.559] [RADIO][29]Epic_Ninja.: …..
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:57.215] [3][COD5]IAZZMS[DC]:long tym that i havent played in a hunter ;)
[28-02-2010 || 10:11:57.919] [9][COD5]Randyy: i think I’m about to crash
[28-02-2010 || 10:12:19.730] Session started at 28/02/2010
[28-02-2010 || 10:12:20.12] Connected. Joining the game…
[28-02-2010 || 10:12:20.90] **Admin [COD5]hoochie: pilot class can drop bombs from nevada plane
[28-02-2010 || 10:12:22.605] [8][BnC]Jestine_X: i think randyy is too lazy to type /g [text]
[28-02-2010 || 10:12:43.527] Logging ended

[28-02-2010 || 10:13:05.59] Session started at 28/02/2010
[28-02-2010 || 10:13:05.355] Connected. Joining the game…
[28-02-2010 || 10:13:06.12] Server closed the connection.
[28-02-2010 || 10:13:15.902] Logging ended

[28-02-2010 || 10:13:36.934] Session started at 28/02/2010
[28-02-2010 || 10:13:37.215] Connected. Joining the game…
[28-02-2010 || 10:13:37.309] Server closed the connection.
[28-02-2010 || 10:13:41.590] Logging ended

20 seconds after  [BnC]Jestine_X said that I’m too lazy to use /g  I crashed, and when I tried to Login, the server kept closing the connection because I was banned (I didn’t know that until later).

Steve’s blog - comments

Here are some of the comments from Steve’s blog ( ). They’re kinda funny because of all the spelling errors, but they are completely true :

Anonymous said… 

randy? i will find you little bastard!

Kynamite said…

What the hell you doing here Randy, get the hell out, you are no part of us, you ignore me like a bitch in COD5 server.

Anonymous said…

Randy what the hell you doing fck face? you ignore me like a b1tcH in cod5 server, get out, you are no part of us faka

I hope you know who i am fck face..

i will find you too little randy bastard, with my homo friend

Anonymous said…

randy you piece of shit first you hacked and then you deleted half of our forum you can only wish that steve will allow you to play with him.

So those are some of the comments. That Kynamite person is probably [COD5]Ecko , whom I don’t know that well. Actually, I never spoke to him, so I don’t know wth is he talking about, the whole me ignoring him thing. I’m sorry if I ever offended him (or if I offended you Ecko, if you’re reading this).

The whole story (what really happend)

I started playing SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer) two months ago. Two of my friends are administrators on a server called Call Of Duty (Resurection). that is their forum. So, I started playing there. The previous owner was Steve(lolumadd)who left (you will understand every thing if u read his blog ) I really got into the game. I was playing for at least 4 hours every single day. I got really annoyed when someone pwned me. Whenever someone asked me something, I would insult them. I once insulted an admin and got banned. Since my friend is a senior admin, he convinced the new server owner to unban me by telling him that I’m a good player and stuff like that. When I came back I didn’t talk to many people. Later on I was manipulated by an admin to post a picture of another admin abusing his powers on the forum. That was my biggest mistake. All the admins started to hate me. I was playing alone, talking to nobody.

One day one of the admins,the one who got me unbaned, told me that there was another server that’s copying ours. I went to that server and saw that he was telling the truth. I was mad because they took a lot of our players, so I decided to use hacks on their server and screw it up a little. It kinda worked. I came back to that server every day and messed them up a little. Since there is a program for hacking on SAMP, and I was too lazy to install it and uninstall it every time I went to that server, I had to turn it off every time I played on our server.

One day there was an update that added some objects into the game and it crashed a lot. After crashing 3 times in 2 minutes, I tried to enter the server again. It said that the server has closed the connection. That usually happens when you get banned (I should know). I went straight to the forum and asked an admin that was there at the moment what happened. He said he will check it out. He returned 2 minutes later and told me that I was banned for using hacks (the admin that baned me was the same admin that I reported for abusing). Why would I use hacks? My score was 2400 and I had a lot of money, why would I hack?! I guess that the hacking software automatically turned. I posted a ban appeal (to get unbaned).


While I was waiting, I wrote in the shoutbox on the main page “I can’t wait for Steve to make his server”. For some unknown reason to me the admin that told me that I was baned ([COD5]Cyber) now said that my ban appeal was denied because I said the thing about Steve’s server. WTF they said it themselves and Steve said it too : they are going to work together. Then why TF was it a bad thing to say?

I got really REALLY pissed off and flamed my ban appeal telling them all to f*** off. I remembered that I know one of the admin’s  passwords, so I did something I regretted later on, I deleted some topics on their forum. I did it in rage and I’m so sorry I did it, and I would never do it again. I’m an idiot, a dickhead, a moron, a dumbass, … whatever insult you can think of, it refers to me. I would like to apologize to them all, the server owners, all the administrators, all the players, every one. I know that my apology  means nothing to them, because this will not get all the things I deleted back, and I know they will never forgive me, but I just wanted to take some time and tell them what really happened. Again, I’m sorry for everything I did


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